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Texas is an unlicensed state for electrology, so anyone can practice without state regulation. That is why it is so important to be a member of the AEA and TAPE. Being a member of these professional organizations lets clients and potential clients know you are serious about your profession and that you uphold standards.

Membership in the association is open to all electrologists who have successfully completed training, and provide documentation attesting that they have completed the required hours of instruction in theory and practice.

Continuing Education

Annual convention of the American Electrology Association This annual convention is usually held in October and allows members to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Usually 1.5 CEUs (15 hours of study) are available.

The annual conference of the Texas Association of Professional Electrologists offers members the opportunity to earn .6 CEU (6 hours of study). It is usually held in February.


Three times per year
“Hair Notes” contains current information about our profession


As a member, your business is listed on both the AEA website and on this website. Every day, members receive inquires from potential clients who found them on these websites.


Sharing of suggestions and ideas with AEA Executive Committee and reps from other AEA affiliates


Information on conventions and conferences, new products, advertising ideas and more


A distinguished membership certificate is provided at the time of joining

AEA gold logo
Become an AEA member and enjoy the benefits below.

Affiliate of AEA

TAPE is an Affiliate of AEA ( As a TAPE member, you automatically get all the membership privileges of the AEA.


Annual Offering at least 1.5 CEUs: Professional information updates, equipment exhibits, teacher training, and networking opportunities

CPE Program

Developed by the respected Education Testing Service of Princeton University with input from the International Board for Electrologist Certification (IBEC)

Office of Continuing Education

Supervises the continuing education and IBEC Recertification Program

Infection Control Standards

Developed by AEA through consultation with the CDC and FDA

The Standards of Practice

A guideline developed by the AEA for competent, professional, and ethical performance

Roster and Directory

It includes contact information for referral and valuable information pertinent to our profession

The Journal of Electrology

Published January and July with home study articles worth .3 CEUs

Electrology World

Published three times per year with the latest news and events

Electrology Forum

Members’ online networking group

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